Power Generator YDE15000T3 - 11,2kW, triple phase, diesel, soundproof - Stager

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260 kg
Power output:
10,4 kW
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Dry air filter, fuel filter, oil filter;
2 single-phase 16A power sockets;
Mains switch;
Emergency stop button;
Protective covers for electrical outlets (to restrict access or accidental touching);
Soundproof housing with access doors for maintenance interventions and repairs;
The access doors of the generator are equipped with rubber seals;
Ventilation slots equipped with a protective grid to avoid the penetration of large objects from the outside inside the generator;
Rubber anti-vibration system;
SmartGen HGM 4020 control panel;
12V starting battery, support and cables;
Digital Display;
Equipped with wheels for transport;
The SmartGen HGM4020 panel is used for the automatic control and monitoring of the current generator. It can perform functions such as: automatic start/stop, data measurement, protection alarms, etc.
All parameters can be configured from the front panel or using the USB interface (or RS485) and a computer. It can be widely used in all kinds of automatic control systems due to its compact structure, simple connections and high reliability.
LCD display that allows easy viewing of information, resolution 132 x 64 pixels;
The RS485 communication port allows 3 "remote" functions through the MODBUS protocol;
Control and protection function: automatic start/stop of the generator, load transfer (ATS control) and error display and protection;
Parameter setting: allows the user to modify the settings and store them on a memory card. The parameters will not be lost even when it is turned off. The parameters can be set not only from the front panel, but also adjusted through the USB interface (or RS485 interface) using a PC;
The multiple temperature, pressure and fuel level sensors can be used directly, the parameters can be defined by the user;
Measurement and display of the following engine parameters: temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, rpm, battery voltage, rectifier voltage, number of operating hours, number of starts;
It can measure and display the voltage, current, frequency, power parameters of the network / generator.
Technical data:
Supply voltage: 8 ~ 35 Vdc
Power consumption: < 3W (Standby mode: ≤ 2W)
Operating temperature: (-25 ~ +70)ºC
Alternator frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
AC system: 1P2W / 2P3W / 3P3W / 3P4W
Alternator voltage input range
- 3P4W (3-phase 4 wires): 15Vac – 360Vac (ph-N)
- 3P3W (three-phase 3 wires): 30Vac – 620Vac (ph-ph)
- 1P2W (single-phase 2 wires): 15Vac – 360Vac (ph-N)
- 2P3W (biphase 3 wires): 15Vac – 360Vac (ph-N)
RPM sensor voltage: 1.0 V – 24.0 V (RMS)
Speed ​​sensor frequency: 10000 Hz (max.)
Start output relay: 5A 28Vdc at source output
Fuel output relay: 5A 28Vcc at the source output
Programmable output relays: 4 (1A 28Vdc at source output)
Degree of protection: IP65
Detection & Display kW/A: YES
Programmable interface: USB / RS485
Maintenance: YES
Record log: YES
Emergency start function: YES
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Technical Data

Fuel type:
Fuel tank volume:
25 l
Electrical start
Fuel consumption:
~340 g/kW*h (~3.6 L/h)
Power output:
10,4 kW
Sound power level, guaranteed (LwA):
93 dB(A)
230 / 400 V
Maximum power:
11,2 kW
50 Hz
Rated current:
18,8 A


260 kg
Product dimensions (L x W x H):
1095x650x780 mm


Engine type:
Diesel engine, 4-stroke, 2 cylinders in V, air cooling, vertical
Oil bath capacity:
2,4 l