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Product code:
86/90 kg
Power output:
5,0 kW
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Single-phase current generator, compact, reliable, easy to handle and use. Recommended for both home and industrial, professional users.
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that limits the voltage fluctuations produced by the alternator.
External control connector for ATS, OffGrid inverter
Remote electric start system via radio remote control.
The fuel valve and shock valve are robotic, for an easy and simplified remote start.
Thermal engine, powerful 13 HP, on gasoline, in four strokes that meets the EURO5 standards in terms of environmental pollution.
The generator control panel, intuitive and easy to use, includes most functions and commands of the generator:
- 3 in 1 digital display with display for: voltage, frequency and operating hours.
- oil pressure warning led - signals to the user when the oil level in the bath drops
- the thermal fuse that interrupts the voltage supply when the equipment is overloaded, thus protecting the equipment.
Solid tubular metal frame, painted in an electrostatic field with very good scratch and corrosion resistance.
Ergonomic handle, soft grip, which ensures a firm grip and pin for locking/unlocking to reduce the size of the equipment.
Wheel kit for traveling short distances.
Equipped with elastic, rubber supports for good stability and reduced vibrations during operation.
Easy access to the air filter for easy cleaning or replacement.
The generator is equipped with two single-phase sockets with a protective cover and a 12 Vdc socket for light applications or battery rectifier
Side protection cover for the muffler.
Large capacity fuel tank with fuel level indicator.
The generator is equipped with a charging relay for its own battery, when the equipment is working and/or standby charging if it is connected to the ATS*

Technical data:
Nominal voltage: ~ 230 V
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Nominal power: 5.0 kW
Maximum power: 5.5 kW
Nominal current: 21.74 A
Power factor: 1.0
Dimensions: 720 x 540 x 595 mm
Noise level LwA: 96 dB(A)
Degree of protection: IP23M
Starting system: Electric, 12Vdc
String starter
Autonomy: 8 hours
Net/gross weight: 86 / 90 kg

Model: YH188F(E)
Type: Gasoline engine, 4-stroke, 1 cylinder, OHV, air cooling
Nominal power: 13 HP/ 9.7 kW
Nominal speed: 3000 / 3600 rpm
Cylinder capacity: 389 cm³
Oil bath capacity: 1.1 L
Oil type: SAE10W-30, 15W-40
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity: 22 L
Voltage regulation mode: AVR
Ignition system: Electronics, CDI
Winding: 100% copper
Fuel consumption:
@ 100% load: 3.42 L/h
@ 75% load: 3.08 L/h
@ 50% load: 2.35 L/h

2 single-phase sockets 16A and 32A, protection degree IP44
Digital display for frequency, voltage and number of operating hours
Oil warning light
Thermal safety
Continuous current output 12V/8A
Cord and electric start system with ON/OFF/START key

Delivery set:
1 x 12 V battery
1 x set of wheels
1 x key holder with spark plug key, screwdriver, key 10-12
2 x single-phase plugs 16A and 32A
1 x oil funnel
2 x radio remote control
2 x ignition key
1 x external control connector for ATS, OffGrid inverter
1 x user manual
Optional: *Automation FDATS230 (5160000001), FDATS380 (5160000003)
719.00 € 930.00 €

Technical Data

Fuel type:
Fuel tank volume:
22 l
Recoil - and Electrical start
Fuel consumption:
100% koormus: 3,42 l / h; 75% koormus: 3,08 l / h; 50% koormus: 2,35 l / h
Power output:
5,0 kW
Sound power level, guaranteed (LwA):
96 dB(A)
230 V
Maximum power:
5,5 kW
50 Hz
Rated current:
21,74 A


86/90 kg
Product dimensions (L x W x H):
720x540x595 mm


Engine type:
Petrol engine, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, OHV, air cooling
Rated power:
13 hp
Oil bath capacity:
1,1 l

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