Garden Tractor Husqvarna TS 112

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Garden Tractor Husqvarna TS 112
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Originaal ja asenduskoodid:
970 62 24-01
413 cm³
Transmission type:
Cutting width:
95 cm
Cutting method:
Number of blades:
182 kg
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The Husqvarna TS 112 is a garden tractor that efficiently mows large and spacious lawns, but whose compact design allows easy maneuvering even in narrow passages and requires little space. Experience a comfortable and hassle-free mowing experience with easy-to-reach levers and side-by-side pedals. An adjustable driver's seat and double lights also contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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Hour meter
Hour meter for easy checking of operating time and service and maintenance intervals.
Adjustable driver's seat
Tool-free seat position adjustment to quickly set a comfortable driving position.
Ergonomic driving position
Comfortable driving position and control thanks to the adjustable seat and easily accessible controls. Spring-loaded cutting height adjustment for easy setting of the desired height.
Cutting body with side ejection
Equipped with a 95 cm wide side discharge cutting body.
Cutter body wheels
The cutting body is equipped with wheels that reduce the risk of the blades cutting into the ground when mowing uneven grass.
Compact design
Compact design for easy navigation in narrow passages and easier storage.
ROS - Reverse Mowing
ROS is activated with the ignition key to quickly switch to reverse mowing and minimize the risk of inadvertent use of the function.
Fuel level window
The fuel level window makes it easy to check the fuel level.
Manual blade activation
Joystick to activate the cutting blades.
Two pedals
Two pedals make driving easy and comfortable.
Additional functionality thanks to the included tow hitch, which allows the use of many accessories.
Pedal operated hydrostatic transmission
Easy control of speed and direction of travel with a pedal using hydrostatic power transmission. Separate pedals for forward and reverse.
Start from the key
Easy start-up in any weather conditions without the need for a choke. Just turn the key and drive.
Adjusting the cutting height with the joystick
Easily accessible cutting height adjustment improves ergonomics. The spring-assisted cutting height adjustment makes it even easier to set the desired height.