Garden Tractor Stiga Tornado 5108 W

Product code:
586 cm³
Transmission type:
Cutting width:
108 cm
Cutting method:
Side discharge
Number of blades:
176 kg
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STIGA LAWN TRACTOR TORNADO 5108 W - extremely powerful, durable, reliable!


The Stiga lawn tractor Tornado 5108 W is suitable for frequent mowing of larger lawns. The size of the recommended mowing area is approx. 6500 m². The cast iron front axle beam increases the durability and service life of the tractor. The tractor frame is longer than standard, thanks to which the tractor has larger rear wheels (20 “). The 7 positions for adjusting the cutting height are between 2.5 - 8 cm.


The Classic seat and padded steering wheel increase working comfort. Powerful LED headlights provide good visibility when working in low light or in bad weather (fog, rain or snow).


Various ACCESSORIES for tractors allow the machine to be operated all year round. The lawn roller and drill used as a trailer are suitable for the maintenance of larger areas of lawn. Mowed grass or autumn leaves can be collected with a lawn and leaf collector. The plow helps to push more snow in winter. The trailer can be used for various household tasks almost all year round.


We recommend the use of bio-additive-free A95 petrol and special Stiga oil, which ensures the best engine performance and optimal lubrication. For maintenance and repair, we recommend using only original spare parts that ensure the maximum service life of the machine.

3099.00 €
Side compartment
The mower features a storage compartment and cup holder.
Hydrostatic drive
The pedal enables steady forward speed control, without having to change gear.
STIGA engine
The mower is fitted with a single-cylinder, 452 cc STIGA engine.
Cutting height adjustment
Easily adjust the cutting deck height using the lever at the side of the seat and select from seven heights ranging from 25 to 80 mm.